Friday, May 27, 2016

...might get it done today...

So... after a fairly intense week of cleaning up shots, finally finished reshooting everything.  I think.

Whether it is the final photography or not, the plan is to get at least a preview version ready to upload to YouTube or Vimeo so that I can submit it to a couple of festivals. (Ottawa's deadline is midnight tonight.... I am going for it on that, but depending on how everything turns out, that MAY have to wait another year. But I will do what I can.)

It takes about 10 to 12 solid hours to shoot the thing... would have been unbearable if I had kept the camera set-up in my studio's loft. Thankfully, I moved it down to the main area, had the air conditioning on full blast all night (now the main area is comfortable - the loft is STILL a sauna!).

After posting this, I will be backing up the files, then do the editing (if I still have any steam). Probably another 10 hours if work ahead of me.  (Fingers crossed...)

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