Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traversing within and without

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The Golem

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No, not Gollum. Golem.

Omega returning.

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Elements from all of the scenes can be found in this, which transitions to the Glyph.

Rambling on...

So it seems that Blogger does not particularly like to upload a ton of video.  Eh... no big deal.  Just means that I'll have to dole things out a little bit.

The amoeba motion tests below -  the first test is the cycle section, the second test is a very rough transition section.

The way Mustard Seeds is structured is a little bit... amorphous.  There is a general structure, where the major images are like the sephirot of the "tree of life," (but I doubt if anyone watching the film will ever make that connection unless I state it explicitly somewhere).  Beyond that structure, there are the image themes of the Golem and the Amoeba (Glyph and Grapheme), which interact with one another, alternately competing and coexisting, then absorbing one another, and ultimately becoming intertwined - the Golem is the Amoeba, the Amoeba is the Golem.
(The only overtly metaphysical statement I had planned on making about this whole thing was summed up basically in the title itself, "Mustard Seeds", which comes from a few places: The parables and sayings of Jesus found in Matthew (13:31–32; 17:20), Mark (4:30–32), Luke (13:18–19; 17:6), and Thomas (20), and the Buddhist story of Kisa Gotami. I'll leave the interpretation of what it all means and how/if these can inter-relate to the viewer.)

Motion tests so far... Amoeba cycle

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transition to image $