Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Break updates and random thoughts

Progress continues during Spring Break this year!
I finished coloring the shot from the above photo, (pictured is an in-progress frame), re-organized my approach to the last few bits. There are a few dynamic holds (multiple copies of the same frame, which I can shoot in a random order to create a hold that still retains a feeling of the changing images), the 'title' images for each movement, and 1 major transition left to do, at which point the animation and coloring will be complete.
I started keeping the pencil shavings in a drawer in my studio.  Perhaps I will use them for a stop-motion piece down the road.

One thing that I wanted to do during break, but have not done yet, is find a good lighting solution for down-shooting in my studio.  I had hoped that the solution I find for myself would be suitable for my classroom studios at school, but it seems likely that I will need to have a more flexible solution. (The lights at school need to be sturdy and relatively immobile - I like sturdy, but I think I will probably want to use the lights for multiple purposes - downshooting, stop-motion stages, etc.) My Huion LED light works fairly well for the time-being, but not a setup that I would suggest to students (tipping it on end and pointing it down on artwork beneath the camera - a bit 'janky', but ok for quick tests until I get a better setup.)

The deadline for this year's OIAF is looming - might be doable, depending on outside factors, but not a done deal.

The ups and downs of production seem to be a pulse - "this is going to be great" to "what am I even DOING" move through consciousness, sometimes dominating my thoughts, sometimes hovering on the periphery. I know this is fairly universal, but it would be wonderful to fully dispose of this kind of thinking during the act of making - both the good and the bad thoughts/feelings can derail process at times.

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